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The Ultrarelativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics model is a microscopic model used to simulate (ultra)relativistic heavy ion collisons in the energy range from Bevalac and SIS up to AGS, SPS and RHIC. Main goals are to gain understanding about the following physical phenomena within a single transport model:

UrQMD has also been used as a component of various hybrid transport approaches, e.g.

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General reference to the model:

For the hybrid model including a hydrodynamic evolution for the hot and dense stage:

Members of the UrQMD Collaboration:

Stephan Endres
Andreas Grimm
Kimberly Tkalcec
Christian Schwarz
Nadine Hornick
Dr. Gunnar Gräf
Dr. Jan Steinheimer-Froschauer
Prof. Dr. Hannah Petersen
Prof. Dr. Steffen A. Bass
Prof. Dr. Marcus Bleicher

Claudia Wieners
Max Lutterbeck
Timo Spielmann
Dr. Bjørn Bäuchle
Dr. Gerhard Burau
Dr. Jochen Gerhard
Dr. Elvira Santini
Dr. Thomas Lang
Dr. Michael Mitrovski
Dr. Sascha Vogel
Dr. Mohamed Belkacem
Dr. Sven Soff
Dr. Henning Weber
Dr. Nicolai Amelin
Dr. Christoph Hartnack
Dr. Xianglei Zhu
Dr. Stephane Haussler
Dr. Qingfeng Li
Prof. Dr. Jörg Aichelin
Prof. Dr. Horst Stöcker
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Walter Greiner

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